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There’s gotta be rules…
  • The wristband is good for both nights
  • Lost or damaged wristbands cannot be replaced
  • You must have a wristband to ride the shuttle
  • Please finish all drinks before getting on the bus and throw away trash in cans at the bus stop. Please do not litter.
  • No drinks on the bus
  • If you’re caught getting sick (throwing up) on the bus, you will be charged $200 by the shuttle company.
  • The last pick up downtown is at about 2:15 am. Please do not wait till the last minute, there may not be room for you on the last bus.
  • Please be respectful to the driver. They are taking time out of their night to drive for us.
  • There is only 40 spots on the bus at one time, you may have to wait for the next pick up if the bus is full.
  • Any issues or rules are up to the drivers discretion.