1. Submit Forwarding Address

The button below will take you to the form to let us know which bedroom you lived in and where to send your security deposit report and refund (if applicable). If you do not submit this form, we will mail your report to the last known address (your Rolling Rock address).

Some Staying, Some Moving?

2. Change Address with USPS (Recommended, not required)

Be sure to update your forwarding address with the post office. You’ll get some nice coupons in the mail at your new address!

3. Disconnect Utilities

If you do not have a utility package, please contact the utility providers to disconnect or transfer utility service to your new address. Use the button below to navigate to the list of contact info for all of our utility providers. Be sure to use your move out date as the disconnect date. You are responsible for all utility charges to your unit until your lease expires.

If you are disconnecting Mediacom, please do not forget your modem and other equipment. Any equipment that is left behind will be considered trash.

4. Schedule Move Out Inspection

If you would like to have a move out inspection with one of our staff, please schedule an appointment. This is not required, any damage deducted from your security deposit will have picture evidence. You will be emailed a link to view damage photos.

To schedule a move out inspection, please email Jake at jake@rollingrockcolumbia.com. Due to the holiday, no inspections will be done December 21 – 26 or 29- January 2.

5. Prepare unit for move out

Your unit is expected to be clean and in the same condition as it was given to you. We’ve compiled a checklist to help with move out cleaning.

For information on disposing of large items, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I return my key?

If all of your roommates are moving out, you may place all keys in a pile on the kitchen counter with your garage door opener remotes.

If just you are moving out, please drop your key at our office. If the office is closed you may place the key in the drop box. Please contact us if your key does not have a number on it after you place it in the box.

Can I check out late?

We are unable to accommodate any requests for late move outs.

When will I receive my deposit?

Within 30 days of your lease termination date.

How do I get my deposit back?

After you have moved out, our staff will inspect your unit for damages. If any damages are found, they will be deducted from your deposit. We will mail your refund to the last known address within 30 days of move out. You will be sent a link to view any photos of damage. Use the button below to submit your new address.

Questions about move out?