If you would like to have a pet in your home, please review our Pet Policy. All steps must be completed before the pet can move into the property.

1. Pet Identification

You must register your pet. We need to know if you have a pet for maintenance requests, emergency situations, and if it gets lost.

2. Pet Fees

A non-refundable, one-time fee of $300.oo for the first pet and $100 for each additional pet. We have no monthly pet fees.

3. Pet Rules
  1. Pet is no larger than 50 pounds.
  2. You shall not cage, chain, tie, or in any other manner maintain pet on the outside of the building. This includes any decks, patios, trees, or shrubs around the building.
  3. Immediately pick up and remove pet waste. Failure to remove any pet waste within a reasonable amount of time will result in minimum $75 charge.
  4. Keep pet on leash or under control at all times.
  5. You must keep the pet from damaging the property and your roommates belongings.
  6. Failure to follow any of these rules will result in immediate loss of pet privileges and no refund of charges will be given.
4. Roommate Approval

Our office needs to know your roommates are aware and approve of you having a pet in the home. Use this form to let us know. Each roommate needs to complete this form.



Unit Number

Roommates Name (person getting pet)

I am aware and approve of my roommate bringing a pet in our home

5. Sign Addendum

Once all the necessary steps are completed, we will email you a lease addendum to sign. You may need this completed document if you are adopting the pet. Once you’ve received a completed copy of the addendum, your pet can move in!